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Hello everyone!  We wanted to fill you in on tomorrow's "parties".  As we use Emergent Curriculum here at KrK, the activities that we undertake are all about what the children are interested in.   The majority of rooms are interested in plungers right now.  Some are interested in trees, many are interested in speed and sledding.  There has been very little interest in anything remotely Valentine related.   Parties have been a part of our tradition here for many years but we are honestly moving away from them as they are not developmentally appropriate for young children in their daily settings.   They rely on the routine and the knowledge that we respect and support their interests.   We will NEVER stop having Family Fun Day OR Graduation so please do not worry about that changing but we have been gearing down our "parties" so that now tomorrow will really just include some elements of hearts here and there in some of the rooms as learning provocations which the children may engage with and may not.  The hearts will remain in the rooms after tomorrow depending on children's engagement and interest.  As some parents and children want to bring in Valentines, the rooms have created mail containers for these.  We ask that those families simply put their child's name on them if they so choose.  These are not required, only if you want to.  The child and / or his / her teacher can put them into the containers or they can do it together.  The Valentines then will go home for the enjoyment and perusal with parents.  For quantities of Valentines:   (including full AND part time children)  TANGIBLE:  15 children, 4 staff  MEZZO:  4 children, 1 staff, VIVACITY:  26 children, 3 staff, BOUNCE: 19 children, 3 staff, ZEST:  18 children, 3 staff, DYNAMIC:  27 children, 3 staff.  For a definition of Emergent Curriculum, please check out this link on our website: